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Reach: 1500mm

Payload: 4kg

ABB IRB 4400/60 S4C

Reach: 1960mm

Payload: 60kg


Reach: 1620mm

Payload: 10kg

ABB IRB 5400-24 IRC5P

Reach: 1620mm

Payload: 25kg

ABB Authorized Integrator

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Reach: 901mm Payload: 5kg

Reach: 703mm Payload: 7kg

Reach: 580mm Payload: 3kg

Reach: 810mm Payload: 6kg

Reach: 1440mm Payload: 5kg

Reach: 1282mm Payload: 11kg

Reach: 810mm Payload: 5kg

Reach: 1444mm Payload: 5kg

Reach: 1450mm Payload: 5kg

Reach: 1500mm Payload: 4kg

Reach: 1200mm Payload: 6kg

Reach: 1500mm Payload: 4kg

Reach: 1542mm Payload: 10kg

Reach: 1500mm Payload: 12kg

Reach: 1500mm Payload: 10kg

Reach: 1500mm Payload: 16kg

Reach: 1800mm Payload: 7kg

Reach: 1520mm Payload: 30kg

Reach: 1650mm Payload: 12kg

Reach: 1850mm Payload: 15kg

Reach: 1950mm Payload: 30kg

Reach: 1500mm Payload: 1kg

Reach: 1130mm Payload: 3kg

Reach: 1960mm Payload: 45kg

Reach: 1960mm Payload: 60kg

Reach: 2550mm Payload: 10kg

Reach: 2430mm Payload: 30kg

Reach: 2400mm Payload: 30kg

Reach: 240mm Payload: 110kg

Reach: 2050mm Payload: 60kg

Reach: 475mm Payload: 7kg

Reach: 1600mm Payload: 15kg

Reach: 350mm Payload: 7kg

Reach: 1620mm Payload: 5kg

Reach: 1620mm Payload: 15kg

Reach: 1620mm Payload: 15kg

Reach: 1620mm Payload: 15kg

Reach: 1620mm Payload: 25kg

Reach: 1620mm Payload: 25kg

Reach: 1620mm Payload: 25kg

Reach: 1700mm Payload: 5kg

Reach: 2975mm Payload: 13kg

Reach: 1620mm Payload: 10kg

Reach: 2400mm Payload: 120kg

Reach: 2900mm Payload: 200kg

Reach: 2800mm Payload: 200kg

Reach: 3150mm Payload: 250kg

Reach: 2550mm Payload: 225kg

Reach: 2755mm Payload: 185kg

Reach: 2200mm Payload: 150kg

Reach: 1900mm Payload: 150kg

Reach: 2550mm Payload: 180kg

Reach: 2750mm Payload: 200kg

Reach: 3200mm Payload: 125kg

Reach: 3500mm Payload: 125kg

Reach: 1930mm Payload: 205kg

Reach: 2650mm Payload: 235kg

Reach: 3180mm Payload: 450kg

Reach: 2550mm Payload: 500kg

Reach: 835mm Payload: 40kg

Reach: 500mm Payload: 1kg