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About RobotWorx

Integrator of New and Used Industrial Robots

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RobotWorx History

RobotWorx has been helping companies maintain their competitive edge for over 20 years.  By offering customized integration utilizing “off the shelf” proven technology, RobotWorx keeps costs low and quality high.  This allows customers to focus on what they do best, while RobotWorx assists increasing efficiencies and maximizing ROI.
Welding engineer and entrepreneur Mr. Keith Wanner founded RobotWorx on August 4, 1992. His goal was to fill a gap in the market between large, full-service robot integrators and small welding distributors installing robots.
Before starting RobotWorx, Mr. Wanner worked for a number of robotic companies including Cybo Systems, GE Robotics, Advanced Robotics and Cybotech. He gained valuable experience, but he also found that many customers were dissatisfied with the quality of service, and disillusioned about robots. Hoping to change this, Wanner established RobotWorx on the following principles:

  • Concentrate on customer needs and satisfaction.
  • Maintain a professional work attitude.
  • Keep rates and costs low by minimizing overhead.

The Used Robot and the Internet:

Mr. Wanner's vision combined used robotics and web sales. This unique approach has made RobotWorx what it is today.
Since their introduction into modern welding and manufacturing in the 1980's, industrial robots, like computers, have become a commodity product. At first, they were installed by integrators who built the systems from the ground up. Robots today are much more interchangeable. This has led to a robust market in used robotic systems.
At the same time, the Internet has grown into a valuable shopping tool. In the past, companies attended trade shows for the latest technology news, but now they rely on the web. Wanner recognized this trend early on and focused on building a strong online presence. Now the majority of RobotWorx' sales leads come through the web.

RobotWorx Today

In 2005, RobotWorx moved from Delaware, Ohio, to a larger building in Marion, Ohio. The new 125,000 sq. ft. facility is located on 10 acres of land. Please see our frequently asked questions for directions to our facility. The shop area is three times larger, allowing RobotWorx to purchase and stock more robots.

RoboWorx Now

RobotWorx continues to grow and increase sales from year to year. It employs over 30 full time staff members, including Ohio State University welding engineers.
If you have questions about RobotWorx or industrial robots, please contact us at 740-251-4312 or use our contact form

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