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Dispensing Robots

Dispensing Robots: Dispensing jobs require materials to be moved from one location to another. The consistent, accurate movements of industrial robots make them well-suited for dispensing.  

Dispensing robots provide the flexibility and reach that is often necessary when dispensing.  Whether you need to lift a huge vat or dispense small objects, there's a robot model that can handle it. 

Dispensing can be a hazardous job as well. A robotic dispenser provides an opportunity to remove your workers from these repetitious jobs and transition them into safer, more rewarding work. 

From pouring liquids to picking and placing objects, robots are the most reliable, cost-effective dispensing solution. 


Additional Dispensing Information

If you're looking to increase the consistency and repeatability on your line, you should consider robot dispensing automation.

RobotWorx has a full inventory of new and reconditioned dispensing robots from a variety of manufacturers, including Motoman, Fanuc and KUKA, along with many others. Every robot integration package comes with a one-year warranty and free training.

Contact our sales department at 740-251-4312 for more information about the benefits of dispensing robots.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dispensing

Dispensing Movies

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Benefits of Dispensing

Reducetion of Production Costs

Reducetion of Production Costs

Better Return On Investment (ROI)

Better Return On Investment (ROI)

Reducetion of Production Costs

Reducetion of Production Costs

Faster Cycle Rates

Faster Cycle Rates

Consistent Quality Welds

Consistent Quality Welds


Project Summary:
RobotWorx integrated two reconditioned robots for an adhesive spraying application. The customer's chief concerns were safety, affordability and top-quality dispensing performance.

Application Goals:

  • Improved Performance: Dispensing glue into a small channel within a 2" square plastic furniture frame. Adhesive spraying had to be accurate, quick, and thorough. 
  • Better Conservation: Keep waste to a minimum with accurate dispensing. Save adhesive, parts this way. Also conserve time by handling the process more expediently. 
  • Reorganized Labor: With robotic adhesive dispensing, laborers will be saved the tedium and can be reassigned to more challenging work, leading to greater overall productivity and throughput.

RobotWorx Solution Details:

  • Dual Robot Set-Up: Two reconditioned Panasonic VR-016GII Robots. These 6-axis models offer a 16kg payload and 1711mm horizontal reach.
  • Sprayer System: Loctite adhesive sprayer complete with reservoir, spray nozzle, air regulator, and collision protector.
  • Safety Environment: Protective fencing arrangement with one door interlock keeps robots isolated  - protecting workers and robotic equipment.