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Popular Robots

FANUC M-710iC/50 R30ia or RJ3iC

Reach: 2050mm

Payload: 50kg

Motoman UP130 XRC

Reach: 2650mm

Payload: 130kg

Motoman HP20-6 NX100

Reach: 1915mm

Payload: 6kg

Motoman UP6 XRC

Reach: 1373mm

Payload: 6kg

Fiberglass Cutting Robots

Fiberglass Cutting Robots: Fiberglass cutting is a process that requires repeatable, precise cuts for the product.

Industrial fiberglass cutting robots can provide that kind of repeatability that cannot be matched by manual applications. There are several models available, including the FANUC M-710iB and the Motoman ES165N.

By integrating robotic fiberglass cutting automation into a shop, employers are also improving safety standards by not having human workers directly exposed to the harmful fiberglass dust produced during cutting.

Although the robot is closest to the dust, a human worker typically still needs to oversee the operations, so a down draft system is beneficial to remove the harmful dust.


Additional Fiberglass Cutting Information

A fiberglass cutting robot integrated into a line will enhance the speed of production and the quality of your product. 

RobotWorx specializes in new and used fiberglass cutting robots from name brand manufacturers like Motoman, FANUC and KUKA, as well as other top international manufacterers. We provide complete customer service, engineering and training. 

For more information on fiberglass cutting robots, contact the RobotWorx sales department at 740-251-4312 or contact us!

Frequently Asked Questions About Fiberglass Cutting

Fiberglass Cutting Movies

Motoman UP50 Industrial Robot in Fiberglass Cutting Application

Benefits of Fiberglass Cutting

  • Accuracy
  • Speed
  • Quality
  • Worker Safety

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