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Material Handling Robots


Material Handling Robots: material handling robot moves, selects or packs products. These robots are also used to automate feeding or disengaging parts or tools from one location to another. 

Companies can also use material handling robots to transfer parts from one machine to another.  Material handling robots can be used for many applications.  Some popular models are the Fanuc M-410 and the Motoman UP130 . When considering which material handling equipment is right for your facility, you should consider possible production problems, the layout of the facility and the type of material being handled.

By choosing to automate with a material handling robot, manufacturers raise the safety level of their facilities. Material handling is usually tedious, dull and sometimes injury-inducing. Material handling robots get human workers out of the tedium and into more fulfilling jobs in the company.


Additional Material Handling Information

Material handling robots will enhance the efficiency of your line and better the quality of your product. 

RobotWorx specializes in new and used material handling robots from name brand manufacturers. Save up to 50% by buying material handling systems from us. We offer Motoman, Fanuc and other robots for affordable prices. We provide complete customer service, engineering and training.

RobotWorx' material handling systems are found throughout the entire continent. We are committed to customer success. Every project is customized to match our client's needs and schedule. Contact the RobotWorx sales department or call 740-251-4312 for more information.

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Material Handling Movies

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Material Handling Robots

Benefits of Material Handling

Reducetion of Production Costs

Reducetion of Production Costs

Better Return On Investment (ROI)

Better Return On Investment (ROI)

Reducetion of Production Costs

Reducetion of Production Costs

Faster Cycle Rates

Faster Cycle Rates

Consistent Quality Welds

Consistent Quality Welds


A wire spring manufacturer needed a solution to a tedious, labor-intensive pick and place packaging line. RobotWorx chose a delta-style FANUC M-1iA/0.5A robot to automate the application. The unique, parallel-link design of the M-1iA provided the speed and care required for this application.

**VIDEO: Watch the M-1iA/0.5A robot pick and place springs***

Application Goals:FANUC M-1iA Robot

  • Automate Manual Job: The application requires that tiny springs made from .010" wire, each with just 6.5 coils, be picked off of a conveyor and placed in designated pockets on a moving line of polystyrene tape.

  • Pick and Place Robot: The manufacturing company needed a robot that would move the springs quickly, efficiently while maintaining a compact footprint.

  • EOAT: In addition to having the right robot, it was also vital to have the right tooling solution. The small, lightweight wire springs needed to handled with care and precision. RobotWorx worked to design the best possible tooling solution, ending up with a magnetic gripper.

  • Robotic Vision: This pick and place application required a robotic vision system. The robotic vision system allows the robot (in this case a FANUC M-1iA) to find the randomly arranged springs as they arrived on the conveyor, locate the tape, and place the springs in the right places.

  • Throughput: The company needed to increase through put to 6500 (at least) springs per hour.

  • Safety: The robotic system needed to be completely safeguarded in order to protect equipment and workers.

RobotWorx Solution Details:

  • Fanuc M1iA/0.5A: RobotWorx selected a brand new 6-axis M-1iA/05A robot (also known as the Genkotsu and/or spider robot). This parallel-link robot is well-suited for lightweight pick and place applications. It offers a 1kg payload capacity, 6-axis delta-style flexibility and tabletop mounting capabilities. The M-1iA is extremely compact, saving valuable floorspace, and easily outfitted with vision systems.

  • Advanced Controller: The system comes with a powerful FANUC R30iA control unit and user-friendly teach pendant.

  • Fanuc Licensed Software: RobotWorx is an Authorized Systems Integrator for FANUC. Every new FANUC robot comes complete with FANUC licensed software, in this instance, material handling software.  

  • Conveyor: A new, eight-foot, belt-driven conveyor was also included and integrated into the robotic system. The conveyor came with an encoder and line-tracking software.

  • Fanuc iRVision Package: The spring pick and place application needed an intelligent vision system to orient and guide the robot. RobotWorx outfitted the robotic system with a 2D tracking vision package. The package included lighting and two cameras (hi-res and std-res).

  • Vacuum EOAT: In order to handle the tiny springs delicately, RobotWorx chose to attach a small vacuum gripper to the M-1iA tooling plate. A vacuum generator and mount were part of the tooling package.
  • Safety Package: The complete system is comprised of extruded aluminum framing and clear polycarbonate walls. A single entry equipped with an electronic interlock allows an operator to enter the cell to change the tape reel.

  • Riser/Table: A riser to elevate the M-1iA/0.5A robot and a work table for the polystyrene tap dispenser were part of the final cell configuration.

  • Training and Warranty: Free training at RobotWorx facility and a two year (100% parts, 100% labor) warranty were included with the system.