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Material Removal Robots

Material Removal Robots: Customers looking to perfect their products through grinding, cutting, deburring, sanding, polishing or routing need look no further than robot material removal automation.

Material removal robots can perform applications that perfect product surfaces. Applications range from harsh, abrasive methods to smooth out steel to precise, careful spot removal techniques for small parts like jewelry. 

Robot material removal can not only improve a company's product, but will also increase cycle times and production rates, which will save customers money. 

Also, by automating material removal processes, manufacturers raise the safety level in their shops by getting workers away from harmful dust and fumes caused by material removal applications.


Additional Material Removal Information

Robot material removal is common in most manufacturing fields. These material removal systems are reliable and can boost a company's productivity.

RobotWorx is an integrator of new and refurbished material removal robot systems. We offer workcells from Motoman, Kuka, Fanuc, and other manufacturers. Our robot integration packages cover full warranties and robot training. Our material removal robots have been installed throughout North America. Our staff is available to answer any questions or concerns voiced by our customers.

Contact our sales department or call 740-251-4312 for more information about buying or selling material removal robots.

Frequently Asked Questions About Material Removal

Material Removal Movies

Motoman UP130 XRC

FANUC's R-2000iA/165F Industrial Robot

Motoman HP165 Material Handling Robot Arm

FANUC M-710iC/T Gantry Robot Series

KUKA robot with Electric Spindle Package

Robotic Plasma Cutting

Benefits of Material Removal

  • Improved Quality
  • Reliability
  • Improved Return On Investment (ROI)
  • Accuracy
  • Repeatability
  • Cost Savings