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Advanced Robot Technology

Robotic Technology is moving beyond the world of manufacturing and entering new industries in the 21st century.  There is now a new generation of robots thanks to improvements in mircroprocessors, software, cameras, and Wi-Fi.
Advanced Robotics Technology
Robot technology is not only entering new industries but it is also entering the domestic field.  Companies have been picture of Fanuc ArcMate 120iworking on home security automation in which robot technology watches for invaders.  If an invader is caught it lets out a scream while calling the police.  They are also working on robotic technology that can give business tours to executives with out having them present via cameras and microphones.  There may also be robots that will be able to remind you to take your medications.  And you may soon find yourself with some extra hands around the house with robots that can wash windows, vacuum, and even mow the lawn.
Robots are also making their way into the medical field by assisting in high precision sugeries such as gall bladder removals, brian surgeries, and heart bypasses. While robotic cameras are being used in some settings for diagnostics.  Pharmaceuticals are also jumping on the robotics band wagon to use robots for testing quality control by food processors to check for bacterial comtamination.
Causes for Increased Robotic Technology
It has been more than just advances in technology for the increase in robotic use, as industrial robot sales are expected to increase by $3 billion a year through 2015.  It is also due to 2 major industries, the green tech industry and the military.  The green tech industry uses advanced robotics technology for solar cells, wind turbines, and auto batteries for plug-in vehicles.
The military is one of the largest users of robotics.  It has been using robots for battlefields and security purposes.  Recently the Pentagone has used some robots for unmanned aerial vehicles, or UAVs.  UAVs help to remove human danger because they are remote controlled planes that are capable of flying themselves if they lose contact with their pilot.
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