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Motoman UP165 XRC
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Motoman UP6 XRC
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Article From RobotWorx

Advantages of Automation

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Automation in the manufacturing industry is the process of integrating industrial machinery to automatically perform tasks such as welding, material handling, packing, palletizing, dispensing, cutting, etc...  Utilizing hardware and software automation increases productivity, safety and profitability.  Automation brings many advantages when incorporated properly.  

The Benefits of Automation:

  • Reduce Production Cost - A quick return on investment (ROI) outweighs the initial setup costs.  All of the following automation advantages reduce production cost.
  • Decrease in Part Cycle Time - A lean manufacturing line is crucial for increasing efficiency.  Robotics can work longer and faster which increases production rate.
  • Improved Quality and Reliability - Automation is precise and repeatable.  It ensures the product is manufactured with the same specifications and process every time.  Repairs are few and far between.
  • Better Floor Space Utilization - By decreasing a footprint of a work area by automating parts of your production line, you can utilize the floor space for other operations and make the process flow more efficient.
  • Reduce Waste - Robots are so accurate that the amount of raw material used can be reduced, decreasing costs on waste.
  • Saves Local Jobs - Instead of moving your company to a location with lower labor costs, incorporate automation in a few key areas.  This will increase your product through-put and increase your profit so you can keep your company in the current location. 
  • Stay Competitive - Reduction in schedule and cost attracts customers.  Automation helps provide the highest throughput with least amount of spending.    

How to get started:

If you are considering automating parts of your manufacturing line, collaborating with a specialized integrator saves time and money.  Using the integrator’s expertise can help you make the right decisions for automation.  Contacting an integrator to discuss your manufacturing process, facility, product and needs is the first step.  RobotWorx specializes in industrial robots and customized work cells and can help implement automation into your company. To learn more, contact RobotWorx at 740-251-4312.


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