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FANUC M-710iC/50 R30ia or RJ3iC
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Motoman UP130 XRC
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Motoman EA1900N NX100
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Motoman Solution Automates Production of New Product-SK16-6 Robot

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  • Automate production of new product.
  • Make 125 welds ranging from 1"-5" long on one part number. Final assemblies weigh 75 lbs. each.
  • Proper weld process and flow are critical to achieving consistent parts, since new design is prone to warp.
  • Achieve desired cycle time of 19 minutes per assembly.

Motoman Solution
Motoman SK16-6 robot with MRC controller, and 15 KVA step-down transformer kit.

  • The system includes 10-meter extended cables, Remote programming pendant, Remote playback station, MotoArc 350i power source, Motoman 500-amp, air-cooled ToughGun welding package, including torch modified with customer-supplied gooseneck, safety clutch, UWI interface, wire feeder, side mount process package, and start-up kit for .035" wire.1,000-lb. wire spool dereeler.
  • The system also includesComArc III Seam Tracking with 200-V High-Speed Touch Sense Package, Nozzle cleaning station with anti-spatter spray kit.4-meter servo track, Headstock/Tailstock (HS/TS) Positioner with 1,000-lb. capacity.HS/TS positioner with 1,500-lb. capacity, Servo tilt/servo rotate (ST/SR) positioner with 1,000-lb. capacity, Three operator stations with manual jog for positioners, Two sections of customer-supplied roller conveyor, one straight and one radial, Three sets of customer-supplied fixtures, Integrated cell protection package, including wire fencing with safety interlocked gate, arc screen curtains and safety mats.

Operating Sequence/Result

  • The SK16-6 robot on a 4-meter servo track progressively welds parts at the three positioner stations.
  • Left-hand (LH) and right-hand (RH) portions of the mounting plate are joined by a common bar along with additional components, which are welded together to form the final assembly.
  • See article for complete operating sequence.
  • System was delivered, set up, installed, and running on same day.
  • Estimate Return on Investment (ROI) approximately 2.7 years.
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