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Robots packed in like peas in a pod

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  • Motoman robots have taken over packing of bags into cartons in one of two cells serving the palletising area, which itself was robotised in 1998.
  • The majority of the heavier bags of peas, weighing either 1 kg or 907 grams (2 lbs), are processed through the robotic side to save the two operators.
  • In the adjacent cell the arduous task of stacking them into boxes by hand.
  • A smaller SK6 six-axis robot within the same floor area erects cartons and places them beside the SK16 for filling.
  • The other breakthrough was the multiple bag handling technology that Motoman introduced, following successful implementation of a similar collating gripper system.
  • 'Motoman was awarded this contract because the other suppliers we looked at either wanted to specify two robots to load the pallets.
  • Or said the roof height had to be raised to provide clearance for robot operation.
  • He said that the palletising robot has been serviced once a year since it was installed four years ago, since which time its operational availability has been 100 per cent.
  • He confidently expects similar long-term performance from the other two robots.
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