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ABB Robotics and Integrated Dressing

ABB Robotics took a good thing and made it even better with the IRB 1600ID. This new and improved arc welding robot is similar in design to the IRB 1600 but with one added feature, integrated dressing (ID).
The dressing pack includes all cabling and hoses for power, shielding gas, pressurized air, and welding wire. With integrated dressing, all of these are fed and held in place inside the arm.
There are many advantages to ID. First of all, this feature creates a more reliable and durable robot. With the cabling tucked away, there is less likelihood of a damaged dress package causing unexpected downtime. The lifespan of the cabling and the robot itself is extended.
Secondly, integrated dressing allows for quick and easy programming. Now there isn't a need to plot a path and worry about the irregular movements of the dressing package.  
Thirdly, with ID the robot has more flexibility. The work envelope is increased because the ID streamlines the robot arm.
The IRB 1600ID has a payload of 4kg and reach of 1.5m. It can bend backwards and installs to the floor, ceiling, or at an angle.
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