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ABB Robotics Reveals New Gantry Robot

ABB Robotics has a fresh approach to gantry. 

The new IRB 6620LX is built like a traditional, articulated robot, except for its base axis. Instead of a rotational axis, the IRB 6620LX is attached to a linear gantry unit - increasing the system's flexibility and reach considerably.

The resulting design is ideal for material handling, machine tending, grinding, arc welding, and more. A Foundry Plus 2 version is also available for particularly harsh environments.

The IRB 6620LX has a payload of 150kg and 1.9m maximum reach. The robot can be attached either upside down or sideways - providing greater flexibility. The linear gantry axis can extend a full 33m horizontally and 4m vertically. The linear track supports can be lowered or raised to adjust the work envelope still further.

Not only does the IRB 6620LX offer a streamlined footprint, the overhead hung robot positioning allows machines to be run manually if necessary. This way, the operator doesn't have to maneuver around the robot when performing maintenance work, quick changes, or smaller product runs.

ABB Robotics new robot is a cost-effective option. One overhead mounted robot can do the work of multiple complicated machines.

The IRB6620LX works with an IRC5 robot controller and utilizes TrueMove and QuickMove software.   

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