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Popular Robot Models
Motoman HP20-6 NX100
Motoman HP20-6 NX100
Reach: 1915mm
Payload: 6kg

Motoman UP20 XRC
Motoman UP20 XRC
Reach: 1658mm
Payload: 20kg

Motoman MA1400 DX100
Motoman MA1400 DX100
Reach: 1434mm
Payload: 3kg

FANUC R-2000iA/125L RJ3iB
FANUC R-2000iA/125L RJ3iB
Reach: 3001mm
Payload: 125kg

FANUC R-2000iA RJ3iB
FANUC R-2000iA RJ3iB
Reach: 2650mm
Payload: 165kg

Buy Robot Parts, Teach Pendants, and Servo Amps from RobotWorx
Teach pendants and servo amps are critical components for any functioning robot. Without them, robot programming and mobility become extremely limited. It shouldn't come as a surprise that both items are in high demand in RobotWorx Parts Department.
RobotWorx makes finding the right part at an affordable price simple. It offers a wide selection of high quality new and reconditioned teach pendants and servo amps (also called servo motors). The inventory includes parts from many leading industrial robot manufacturers. The RobotWorx Parts Department also carries hard-to-find pendants and servo amps for older robot models.
RobotWorx' dynamic online parts inventory allows customers to check availability and request pricing. Plus, RobotWorx' 100% satisfaction guarantees extend to every part. Each teach pendant and servo amp is fully tested prior to shipment.
Search our online parts inventory or call 740-251-4312 to speak with a robot parts representative.
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