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Checklist for Selling Used Robots

Don't scrap it, sell it. Instead of sending your old robots to the salvage yard, make a profit by selling them to RobotWorx for much more!

How do you know if your robotic equipment fits RobotWorx' criteria? Our Acquisitions staff created a handy Robot Appraisal Checklist for that very purpose. Use this handy reference to find out some of the robot components we pay the most attention to (hint: intact cabling is a plus!).

RobotWorx buys and reconditions a wide range of industrial robots from many different manufacturers: Fanuc, Motoman, OTC, ABB, Nachi, Kuka, and others. We are also interested in robotic parts, parts positioners, etc.

Contact RobotWorx Acquisitions with any questions: 740-251-4312.  

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