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Comau Robotics and the WiTP: The First Wireless Teach Pendant

Comau Robotics has ushered in a new age for robot technology with the WiTP Wireless Teach Pendant. This device brings added flexibility and safety to any workplace. It communicates with Comau's C4G Robot Control Unit without any need for cabling.

A Wireless Teach Pendant allows operators and programmers to move freely around robot work cells without a constraining cable connection between teach pendant and controller. The WiTP eliminates a serious safety hazard as well; operators no longer have to worry about tripping over the cable, or taking the teach pendant's "leash" into consideration when programming.
Comau Robotics has designed the new Wireless Teach Pendant with a user-friendly Windows CE interface. The WiTP has a colorful display and JPad keys. Its ergonomic shape can accommodate either left or right handed users. This unique teach pendant weighs less than one kilogram.
The WiTP has autonomy for a seven hour work shift and can recharge in only an hour and a half. It has a range of 100 meters.
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