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Handle it with the Motoman MH Series

Three new additions to Motoman's MH robot series expand possibilities with greater work envelopes and payloads.

Tackle material handling, dispensing, coating, or even welding jobs with the MH50, MH50-20, and MH50-35. These versatile robot models are 6-axis and function with the advanced DX controller. Install them in the floor, ceiling, or wall for greater accessibility.

The standard MH50 model provides a 2,061mm horizontal, 3,578mm vertical reach. The other two robots have extended reaches. Ideal for work on larger parts, extended reach models can make for easier programming and eliminate the need for expensive tracks.

The work envelope of the MH50-20 expands a full 3,106mm horizontally and 5,585mm vertically. The other extended reach robot, the MH50-35, has a horizontal reach of 2,538mm and a vertical reach of 4,448mm.

Interested in one of the MH models or another material handling robot? Contact RobotWorx at 740-251-4312 for more information.  

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