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How Much Will a Used Robot Save Me?

It is common knowledge that used robots offer an affordable way to automate. But exactly how much do they cost?

Cost of a Used Robot
While the exact pricing of each robot is determined by its model, RobotWorx' used robots typically cost 50% less than new robots. If a new robot system costs $100,000, then the customer can expect an equivalent used robot system to cost around $50,000. RobotWorx offers a wide variety of reconditioned used robots from all the major brands - Motoman, Fanuc, Panasonic, ABB, and more.

Remember ROI
Not only do used robots offer savings of 50% or more, but just like their new counterparts, they provide an incredible Return on Investment (ROI). Robots bring efficiency, speed, and top quality to their work. They are capable of paying for themselves in no time at all.  

Savings on the Surrounding System
In the same way, the final price of a complete used robot system is significantly cheaper than the price of a new one. The cost of a used robot system (without factoring in the robot) is 20-50% less than a new one. It comes down to which peripherals are needed - tooling, controllers, safety elements, PLC, etc.

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