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IMTS 2010: KUKA Ark Cells and More

Robots, robots everywhere! The recent International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) was awash with new robotic technology - from KUKA ark cells and Motoman dual-arm models, to Fanuc spider robots and the mighty M-2000iA/1200.

If you didn't happen to be among the 82,411 attendees wading through the sea of 1,728 exhibitors, don't panic. It's our duty as a Motoman Solution Provider, KUKA Official System Partner, and Fanuc Authorized Integrator to keep you informed about all that is cutting edge in the robotics industry.

RobotWorx staff is thrilled about all the brand new robotic solutions we can now offer customers! Here's our IMTS robot roundup:

KUKA Ark CellsKUKA Robotics Ark Cells:
KUKA introduced its new line of pre-engineered Ark Cells at IMTS 2010. Designed to provide quick, efficient welding answers, KUKA Ark Cells feature KUKA arc welding robots and are available in more than  30 system configurations. The line of KUKA Arc Cells can accommodate parts ranging from 2' x 2' all the way to 10' x 4'. Parts being welded can weigh as much as 10,000 lbs.

The ST-1 84 KUKA Arc Cell was on display at IMTS 2010. Outfitted with a KR6 welding robot and a super-speed turntable, this workcell is designed for quick, high-quality welding.

FANUC Robotics Variety:
Fanuc showcased a diversity of industrial robots at IMTS 2010.  Some of the most FANUC M-1iA Robotsimpressive models were the assembly spider robots M-1iA and M-3iA. These parallel-link robots demonstrated their dexterity and accuracy. When equipped with Ir Vision packages, these nimble robots are capable of carrying out complex pick and place

On the other end of the spectrum, Fanuc Robotic's heavyweight champion, the M-2000iA/1200, wowed IMTS attendees with its powerful size and strength. The Super Heavy Payload M-2000iA version can handle up to1350kg! It also provides an expansive work envelope.

Yaskawa Motoman Robot Innovations:
New offerings from robot manufacturer /motoman SDA10DYaskawa Motoman included a "Slim Line" arc welding workcell, the ArcWorld IV-6200SL. This compact, quick cycling system features a space-efficient positioner and two "Master Arc" MA1400 robots.

Yaskawa Motoman highlighted the unusual capabilities of the SDA dual arm robot line with machine tending and pick and place demonstrations. SDA robots possess human-like dexterity and flexibility as well as unique work envelope dimensions and payload capacity.

In addition, Yaskawa Motoman introduced a new heavy payload material handling robot, the MH215. This multitasking robot model is ideal for palletizing, machine loading, spot welding, and other applications.

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