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KUKA KS Robotic Arms for Sale

Axis two. That's what separates KUKA KS robotic arms from the competition.

The KS shelf-mount line sports a second axis that is moved forward. This subtle change in robotic arm design has a huge impact on performance.

Well-Suited for Tending
The KS robots' low base frame shifts the entire work envelope down and forward. This allows for a deeper reach, making KS robots a good match for machine tending applications such as injection molding.

Reduces Cycle Times
Because the robot is positioned lower, there is less distance to travel when lifting and reaching. This leads to shortened cycle times - increasing overall productivity.

Short, Lightweight Design
The unusually low base frame makes KS robots shorter than other shelf-mount robots (such as the KUKA K line). These robots can be easily incorporated into tight spaces. Surprisingly lightweight, KS robots can be installed right onto the machines they are tending - providing even more space efficiency.

One More Thing
The KS robot wrists are slimmed down to provide better part accessibility. This feature allows KS robotic arms to carry out machine tending tasks with dexterity.

A Quick Tour
The KS robots provide payloads ranging from 6kg (Kuka KR 6 KS) to 60kg (Kuka KR 60 KS).

Many of the KS robots are available in a foundry version, such the KR 16 KS-F. And there are also several long reach models. The KR16 L6 KS robot, for instance, adds a full 300mm extension to the standard KR 16 KS reach.

Find out more in the section dedicated to KUKA shelf-mount robotic arms. RobotWorx offers a full line-up of KUKA robotic arms for sale. Call today about KS pricing and availability - 740-251-4312. 

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