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Lincoln Electric Tandem MIG High Deposition Welding

Let's face it. Tandem bicycles are not very useful. The Lincoln Electric Tandem MIG High Deposition Welding process, however, has many practical applications. Use it to minimize distortion, increase welding speeds, and throughput. 

Previously, tandem welding has described workcells with two or more robots working together. In this case, "tandem" refers to the dual wire, not dual robot set-up. Lincoln Electric Tandem MIG is a revolutionary dual wire GMAW system that welds thick materials quickly and effectively. The process utilizes two power sources, two wire feeders, and two electrodes fed through one welding torch. 

The Details of Teamwork:

The two electrodes work together (in tandem) to provide a high quality weld. One serves as a Lead Arc, the other a Trail Arc. The Lead Arc goes first, creating the weld pool and initiating root penetration. The Trail Arc follows right behind adding filler and perfecting the bead. Lincoln Electric has designed the system so that either electrode can be Lead or Trail Arc, allowing for increased speed and flexibility. If only one electrode is needed, the other can be turned off.

Perfect for Tough Jobs:

Consider a Tandem MIG solution for tough industrial welding jobs such as off road wheels, ships, railroad, structural, heavy plates, earthmoving equipment. It can handle anything from fillet welds and "V" joints, to "J" and "U" groove butt welds. 

Benefits of Tandem MIG High Deposition Welding:

  • Speed: The Lincoln Electric Tandem MIG process is designed to minimize the time necessary for performing multipass welds.
  • Reduced Distortion: This process uses a much lower heat input that does not distort the materials as much as a single electrode would. Tandem MIG also allows for better control of the weld pool -- leading to a much better end result.
  • Flexibility: Tandem MIG is quick and efficient.  One of the reasons for this being the Lead and Trail arcs can be switched, allowing the robot to weld in either direction. This feature saves a considerable amount of time. 
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