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Make Way for the New ABB FlexPicker Delta Robots

A new generation of ABB FlexPicker delta robots was introduced at the Pack Expo this month. The new design will be easier to clean, require less maintenance, and take up less space. The FlexPicker IRB 360 family will start with three models. One of these three was on display at the Expo.    
The spider-like FlexPickers are designed for precise and quick material handling. The Flex Picker IRB 360 family will have larger payloads up to 4kg. These top-mounted robots will also come with a compact footprint. Stainless steel versions will be available for quick cleaning.
These delta robots will work with ABB's PickMaster software. This powerful controller handles up to eight robots. It is an excellent choice for combined material handling systems where more than one type of robot handles a task.
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