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Mitsubishi Robotics Offers Real-Time Robot Control

Mitsubishi Robotics' newest control interface allows robots to make their own decisions.

Armed with new intelligence, Mitsubishi industrial robots are now able respond to sensory input and change their movements and applications in real-time. This efficient, smart control approach saves time while improving application quality, especially with complicated parts.

How does it work?
Data received with the robot's vision and touch sensors are communicated to the PC interface which determines the robot's position and transmits this information to the controller. It all happens at lightning speeds.

The new control system from Mitsubishi Robotics is available for SCARA robots with payloads ranging from 6-18kg and reaches up to 850mm. It also works with articulated robots with 3-12kg payloads and reaches extended as far as 1,385mm. The new CRD series of Mitsubishi Robotics controllers comes standard with this control capability.

For information about the new and used Mitsubishi robots offered by RobotWorx, contact the sales department - 740-251-4312. 

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