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Motoman Palletizing Robots - SP100X

When describing the Motoman SP100X robot family, "rigid flexibility" isn't a contradiction in terms. These 4-axis robots are designed specifically for palletizing and material handling applications. Because of this, their structure is rigid - it offers reliable, resilient movements. It is engineered for precision.
At the same time, the SP100X is flexible. Its expansive work envelope is created with a 3291mm horizontal reach and the ability to spin 360 degrees. This high-speed multitasker can man many conveyors and pallet stations.
Specific palletizing software like CAPE Pack 99 or Visual Pallet gives the SP100X group even more dexterity. These programs allow the robot to position labels facing out or form interlocking patterns with boxes.
The standard floor-mounted SP100X has a payload of 100kg. It is partnered with an XRC or MRC controller. The SP100X family includes three additional versions, the SP100X-160, SP100X-250 and the SP100XF. Apart from offering higher payloads, the SP100X-160 and SP100X-250 are engineered much like the SP100X.
The SP100XF is a freezer model equipped with internal heaters. It can withstand environments as cold as -22 degrees Fahrenheit. Non-corrosive paint protects this version even further.
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