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New Motoman Robot for Arc Welding Cell

Add pizzazz to your arc welding cell with a new Motoman robot. RobotWorx offers a wide selection of new Motoman robot models - from the swift SSA2000 and EA1900N to the nimble HP20-6.

A new Motoman robot offers reliability, speed, and cutting-edge design. It's a great investment for those wishing to increase arc weld quality and throughput. Many RobotWorx customers choose to combine a new Motoman robot with a reconditioned arc welding cell - an effective money-saving option.

RobotWorx' Sales Department is dedicated to finding the new Motoman robot that best suits your application, part, and requirements. We'll custom build a cell that compliments the robot.

Interested in a new Motoman robot? Call RobotWorx at 740-251-4312 for pricing and availability.  

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