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New Motoman SDA10 Robot Cooks, Assembles

Cooking is the newest assembly application.

The culinary abilities of Motoman's latest dual arm robot, the 15-axis SDA10, impressed those at The International Next-Generation Robot Fair. At this recent Osaka-based event, the Motoman robot prepared and served a Japanese favorite, Okonomiyaki.

Motoman Chef:
Okonomiyaki is a pan fried batter cake that can be made from a variety of ingredients - veggies, shrimp, kimchi, cheese. It is cooked much like a pancake. The Motoman SDA10 mixed up the recipe, poured and flipped the cakes, and served the finished product. Speech recognition technology allowed the robot to take instructions from a human operator.

The articulated Motoman SDA10 is a floor mount model that stands 4.5ft. tall and weighs 220kg. Each arm can bear a 10kg payload. Created to perform with precision and speed, the Motoman SDA10 is capable of human-like flexibility, making it an ideal assembly solution. While on a recent Japanese television show, the new Motoman robot demonstrated its assembly skills by carefully putting together a camera.

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