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New Motoman WeldHound Monitor

Faulty welds happen, even with a robotic system. Hunt down bad welds with the new Motoman WeldHound monitoring system. This high-tech tracker makes sure weldments remain consistent by bringing any quality problem to immediate attention.

Each manufacturer had individual quality requirements for every weld, called Welding Procedure Specifications (WPS). The WeldHound monitoring system makes sure every weld on every part is in keeping with WPS. It produces a Procedure Qualification Record (PQR) to show the test result of weld joints.
The WeldHound can monitor robot and wire feeder speeds. It tracks amps and volts and can even gauge gas flow and the speed of measured welding wire. Temperature and weld time can also be recorded.
The Motoman WeldHound communicates all data in HTML format to any laptop or computer that is either networked by Ethernet or directly connected to the robot's control. If multiple robot welding cells are networked with one another, WeldHound can show the combined stats on a single computer. The WeldHound is a user-friendly solution for any welding system. The WeldHound can be set up to alert operators via e-mail when it detects any problem.
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