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New OTC Robots: The AII Series

There's a new industrial robot series in town.

The OTC AII series includes five robots designed specifically for arc welding applications. Offering a range of payloads from 4kg to 20kg, these slender models are fast and efficient workers.

At the lowest end of the spectrum, the OTC AII-B4 offers through-arm cabling and a rear extension reduction of 90mm - both space-saving measures. A long-reach version, the OTC AII-B4L gives customers a larger work envelope for more versatility.

The next AII series level provides 6kg payloads: OTC AII-V6 and AII-V6L. The AII-V20 is a multi-purpose heavyweight robot with ability to lift up to 20kg. All AII robots are ceiling, floor, and wall mountable. They provide terrific repeatability and are powered by the OTC AX21 controller.

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