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Save with Industrial Painting Robots

You've come a long way, paint robot.

Industrial painting robots are much more accessible than they used to be.

Not only are there are more models on the market, but they are more affordable than ever before. And once they're in your shop - look out!

Industrial painting robots provide incredible savings on....

  • Paint: With industrial painting robots you minimize any wasted material. A smaller amount of paint or coating is used (15-30% less) because there isn't any overspray.  
  • Space: Industrial painting robots can be hung from the ceiling or wall. They can attach to the floor, or mount on a shelf. The most popular industrial painting robots ride along a rail. Such robot rail systems allow for better part accessibility, faster throughput, and above all - more compact paint booths.  
  • Quality: Enhance your product with a improved coating. Fewer errors improve the overall quality level.
  • Time: Reduce cycle time with condensed robot set-ups and fewer mistakes. Industrial painting robots don't take breaks. They are capable of working consistently and effectively, 24/7!  

Check out RobotWorx' industrial painting robot offerings. Remember, we carry both used and new models, so there's bound to be something that fits your budget. Call today for pricing: 740-251-4312.

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