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Sell Your Old Industrial Equipment

It's time for a little summer cleaning!

Old industrial equipment, often the result of product, facility, and application changes or upgrades, not only takes up space, it drains finances. Here's how to clear out your old industrial equipment and make some money in the process.

RobotWorx is always on the lookout for used robotic systems and old industrial equipment. If it meets our standards, we guarantee to beat any other offer by 10%.

How the Process Works:
RobotWorx' Acquisitions Department pays close attention to the condition of the robot manipulator and control cabinet. They refer to photos or visit the facility housing the old industrial equipment to gather more information. We ask that customer supply the following:

  • Estimated age of the equipment 
  • Previous industrial purpose 
  • Present functionality level

Questions? Contact RobotWorx at 740-251-4312 for more details.

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