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Spot Weld with the Fanuc S-420iS RJ2 Robot

Looking for a reliable spot welding or material handling solution? The sturdy Fanuc S-420iS RJ2 robot is designed for accurate, powerful single point applications.
It is an ideal robot for automotive jobs such as assembling car frames. This 6-axis industrial robot is built with a 2250mm horizontal reach and a mid-range 80kg payload capacity.  
Robotic spot welding offers many advantages:
  • Repetition - Robots handle the repetition of spot welding day in and day out. 
  • Payload - Spot welding guns are heavy, but robots like the Fanuc S-420iS RJ2 never tire. 
  • Quality - Robots increase weld quality with excellent repeatability and programmed welds.
  • Safety - Spot welding applications create a considerable amount of sparks, flash, fumes. With robots, humans are removed from the danger and mess of welding.
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