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Streamline with Motoman Palletizing Robots

Palletizing in an unavoidable part of most production lines. It can eat up time, labor, and money. Motoman's EPL series of dedicated palletizing robots offers ideal solutions. They're not only fast and efficient, they're affordable as well.

To be effective, palletizing requires a certain amount of strength, balance, and precision. The robots in Motoman's Expert Palletizing Line (EPL) live up to these specific challenges.

The palletizing robots in the series range from the compact EPL80, a 5-axis robot with a 2,046mm reach and 80kg payload, to the beefy EPL500, with its 4-axis build, 3,160mm horizontal reach and 500kg payload capacity. The four-axis EPL160 and EPL300 offer additional payload options.

All four of these Motoman palletizing robots provide the flexibility of a 360 degree work envelope. They are designed to handle multiple conveyors and stations at once - stacking, loading, unloading, moving, etc. Instead of employing an entire team of laborers whose sole purpose is palletizing, you can save money and redirect your workforce with safer, Motoman palletizing robots.

Motoman palletizing robots have a streamlined build that minimizes interference with pallets and parts. All wiring and cabling is internally routed and the arms are compact.

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