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The Motoman SV3X Robot: Mini Manipulator

This small robot is built to handle low payloads of 3kg or less. Consider the advantages offered by a small robot:

  • Precision Handling: Jobs that require high repeatability, short reach capabilities and precision-driven movement are best handled by a Motoman SV3X. It is best used for applications such as arc welding, material handling, and dispensing tasks.
  • Greater Affordability: If a smaller robot fits your application, another reason to purchase one is its lower cost. Some smaller robots, particularly reconditioned models, cost less than larger ones. 
  • Close Quarters: Does the environment where you need a robot have space limitations? The Motoman SV3X robot can sit on a shelf, attach to tracking, or reach spots other robots can't. 
  • Educational: When teaching about the capabilities of industrial robots, many universities rely on a smaller, more manageable system such as the Motoman SV3X. Constructed just like any other 6-axis articulated robot, this Motoman robot demonstrates all the typical functionality.   

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