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Robots By Application
Popular Robot Models
FANUC M-710iC/50 R30ia or RJ3iC
FANUC M-710iC/50 R30ia or RJ3iC
Reach: 2050mm
Payload: 50kg

Motoman MA1400 DX100
Motoman MA1400 DX100
Reach: 1434mm
Payload: 3kg

Motoman UP130 XRC
Motoman UP130 XRC
Reach: 2650mm
Payload: 130kg

FANUC R-2000iA RJ3iB
FANUC R-2000iA RJ3iB
Reach: 2650mm
Payload: 165kg

Reach: 1667mm
Payload: 20kg

The RobotWorx Difference
The RobotWorx Difference
At RobotWorx, we know that you have a choice of robotic integrators when you are looking to automate an industrial application. We also understand that it is more than just purchasing a product that you look for in an integrator. RobotWorx offers customers the whole package. From the first call or inquiry to after the robot system is in production on your floor, RobotWorx is there for you.  RobotWorx has been assisting our customers in improving their ROI for over 20 years.


We put ALL of our reconditioned robot arms through:

  • A vigorous 168-point inspection process that leaves the robots running at or above industry standards.
  • Gears, joints, axes, and all other components of the robot arm are inspected and replaced if necessary.
  • Grease is drained and replaced
  • Repeatability is tested to ensure proper precision.

We invite you into our shop for:

  • One day of training for 3 people at your company
  • Unlimited time getting to know and learn your new robotic system 
  • You can bring in your parts and try the robot out before it ships
  • A complete system run-off and buy-off
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee. After you are satisfied and the robot leaves our facility to go to yours, you and your new robotic system are still covered under our parts and labor warranty!
  • Legal Software provided on all Fanuc Robots which provides you with 24 Hour Fanuc Support (This is necessary for ANY Fanuc robot purchase) 
  • RobotWorx phone support with our knowledgeable service & support group

This whole process is meant to make you, our customer, feel like you are getting the best product and service possible, because that is exactly what you are getting. As an official integrator for FANUC, Motoman & Kuka.  RobotWorx has the ability to provide customers with a wide variety of robot arm options, both new and fully reconditioned.  RobotWorx knows that every customer has unique needs and our company strives to offer you the best options for your needs and your budget.   We want to make sure that the robot arm or system is working up to your specifications before we ship to your facility.That is the RobotWorx difference. Contact us today to begin the robotic integration process and see for yourself!

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