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Updated Robot Repeatability Testing

Robot repeatability testing is a critical component of RobotWorx' reconditioning process. Our newly revamped Repeatability Cart accurately tests each used robot and compiles the data.

What is Repeatability?
Repeatability is the ability of a robot to return to the same spot with only the slightest variation.  Good repeatability is very important to robot performance. It is achieved when multiple robot components - controls, motors, gears, axes - work together. When robot repeatability numbers are not within the correct range, each axis is tested so the problem can be pinpointed and corrected.

How Does the Repeatability Cart Work?
The RobotWorx tests each used robot for a minimum of eight hours. The robot is programmed to run cyclically - stopping at the same spot for the cart's pneumatic sensor to measure its position.

  • New Sensor Style:
    RobotWorx chose to upgrade the cart with a pneumatically powered General Purpose Digital Contact Sensor from Keyence. Previously, RobotWorx' sensor required the robot to press it at the end of each cycle. Now the 32mm high-tech sensor moves on its own to test the position of the robot. This leads to less wear and tear on the sensor.

    Not only is this high precision sensor longer-lasting, it is simpler to install. The IP67 rated cable is water-resistant.
  • Sturdier Cart:
    When it comes to repeatability testing, the stability of the Robot Repeatability Cart is paramount. The newly revamped cart is built with leveling pads. This increases the reliability of the data collected.
  • Faster Processing: The robot repeatability cart features a new computer for storing the repeatability data. Faster processing speed allows for a faster assessment.

Interested in learning more about RobotWorx robot reconditioning process? Contact our Sales Department at 740-251-4312.  

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