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We Buy Used Robots

Call RobotWorx when it's time to clean house.
RobotWorx is always in the market to buy used robots. We offer excellent prices. In fact, we'll go as far as promising to beat any competitor's price by 10%.
RobotWorx is interested in buying robots from every major manufacturer, including Motoman, Fanuc, ABB, Nachi and Panasonic. RobotWorx buys used robots that result from production upgrades. We are also interested in older models.
Cash in your robots instead of allowing your robots to become obsolete. It's a great opportunity to make fast money  from your surplus machinery. If you're not sure your used robots would meet RobotWorx standards just call our acquisitions team at 740-251-4312. We'll be able to give you an idea of your robots resale value.
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