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World's Fastest Welders: Motoman's New SSA2000 and SSF2000

Motoman's Super Speed welding robots reduce cycle times by 15%. Announced in June 2007, these 6-axis, articulated models are the fastest welding robots in existence. This speed is achieved with a 40% axis movement increase. Their design reduces air-cut time 30%.

  • The SSA2000 handles up to 3kg and extends 1,390mm horizontally. Internally routed cabling minimizes cable wear and streamlines movement and footprint.
  • The SSF2000 is designed for arc welding applications only. It provides a 6kg payload and 1,378 mm horizontal reach. This model comes with standard external cabling.    
If you are looking for faster, more efficient welding solutions, the SSA2000 and SSF2000 will increase your throughput and product quality. Interested in a Super Speed robot? RobotWorx is equipped to help you integrate to match welding application requirements and varying floor plans.
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