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Popular Robots

Motoman UP6 XRC

Reach: 1373mm

Payload: 6kg

Motoman UP130 XRC

Reach: 2650mm

Payload: 130kg

FANUC ArcMate 100iB RJ3iB

Reach: 1373mm

Payload: 6kg

FANUC R-2000iA/200F RJ3iB

Reach: 2483mm

Payload: 200kg

Robotworx Hybrid Workcells

Step 1 :

Choose Your Robot

Pick a new or reconditioned robot. RobotWorx offers a wide selection of new and reconditioned robot arms from a variety of manufacturers.

Step 2 :

Select Your Workcell Layout

Decide between a new or used system. Options include turntable and headstock positioners, stationary tables, tooling packages, and safety features.

Step 3 :

Customize Your System

Meet your work cell criteria and budget needs with customized robot integration. RobotWorx' Hybrid Workcells combine new and used equipment in affordable units.

Hybrid Options

Workcell Information -
Select the hybrid option that best suits your needs.

Robot Options

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