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Aerospace Painting, welding, material removal, and machining need to be performed with extreme care and precision in the aerospace industry.  An uneven coat of paint on an aircraft affects fuel economy and payload capacities. The use of industrial robots in the manufacturing, painting, and assembly of aerospace equipment is quickly gaining credibility and acceptance.
Agriculture Industrial agricultural applications, such as welding and material handling, require quality execution. Whether its welding farm equipment frames, plasma cutting irrigation drains, packaging feed, or any number of agricultural tasks, industrial robots produced by FANUC, Motoman, and KUKA provide the strength, speed, and precision needed in a fast-paced agriculture industry.
Appliance Motoman, FANUC, and KUKA build industrial robots that complete tasks and applications in the appliance industry. Tending presses, stamping, assembling parts, and numerous other industrial applications can be performed by industrial robots in the production of many kinds of appliances, including washers and dryers, dishwashers, and small kitchen appliances.
Automotive From press tending, assembly, and heavy material handling to welding, painting, and cutting, Motoman, FANUC, and KUKA industrial robots assist in manufacturing in the automotive industry. Industrial robots play an essential role in the fast production times that the automotive industry is known for.
Construction Equipment used in the construction industry needs to be strong to ensure quality products and safety. FANUC, Motoman, and KUKA industrial robots weld, handle, and assemble parts that make up many off-road construction vehicles, including cranes, bulldozers, and trucks.
Consumer Products Industrial robots assist in the packaging of many consumer products. Robotic palletizing of cases of goods by Motoman, FANUC, and KUKA industrial palletizing robots saves companies thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours every year. No packaging job is too tough for an industrial robot.
Defense When designing and manufacturing products for the defense industry, precision and quality are paramount. Industrial robots manufactured by Motoman, FANUC, and KUKA provide the degree of precision require for the defense industry.
Electronics Industrial robots are often responsible for part of the manufacturing of many electronics in use today. From cell phones to high-tech computer chips to microwaves, industrial robots help streamline production of electronics we use everyday. FANUC, Motoman, and KUKA industrial robots perform material handling, part loading, assembly, and numerous other tasks on electronics large and small.
Energy The future is green… and robotic. Industrial robots are proving to play a vital role in manufacturing energy efficient and alternative energy products. Solar panels, wind turbines, and other products that reduce our dependence on fossil fuels are assembled, welded, and handled by industrial robots designed by Motoman, FANUC, and KUKA.
Food Packaging Used for handling and packaging, Motoman, FANUC, and KUKA industrial robots help streamline food packaging processes. Robotic vision and precision allows these robots to handle food products in a much faster and efficient manner than traditional methods. Efficiency leads to more flexibility and a leaner industrial process.
Foundry Motoman robotics, FANUC Robotics, and KUKA Robotics all offer industrial robots with the ability to handle large payloads and perform foundry applications. Heavy material handling, press tending, coating, and other foundry applications can be performed by robots designed specifically for foundry work.
Furniture / Fixtures Industrial robots that can assemble, weld, cut, and handle furniture and fixtures are manufactured by FANUC, KUKA, and Motoman. For example, bending and welding fixtures for a department store would be performed much more efficiently by an industrial robot. Sawing lumber that will be used to build furniture with an industrial robot will save time and create a uniform product.
Heavy Truck Increasing quality, productivity, and safety, industrial robots from FANUC, Motoman, and KUKA help streamline heavy on-road and off-road trucks. Welding chassis, painting truck components, or assembling parts are no problem for industrial that don’t need breaks or vacation time.
Job Shop RobotWorx, Motoman, FANUC, and KUKA workcells turn a long, drawn-out process into a compact, fast, streamlined process. Workcells help job shops become more efficient and compete with other jobs domestically and abroad. Pre-engineered workcells save users even more time during integration.
Medical Industrial robots from FANUC, Motoman, and KUKA assist in the production of medical equipment. Examination tables are spot welded, knee joints are ground and polished, and medical instruments are assembled often by industrial robots.
Metal Products The metal product industry encompasses many applications. FANUC, KUKA, and Motoman industrial robots perform many of these applications flawlessly, including arc welding, spot welding, cutting, press tending, and material handling. Customized workcells are designed through a collaboration of the company and RobotWorx engineers, which ensures that the workcell fits perfectly into the company’s process.
Mining Industrial robots help manufacture parts and machinery for the mining industry. Heavy-duty Motoman, FANUC, and KUKA robots lift, remove, and transfer parts. Industrial robots also assist in welding machinery together and cutting.
Packaged Goods A vital part of the packaged goods industry is move product from one place to another. Moving pallets, boxes, and cases of packaged product can be tolling. Industrial packaging and palletizing robot from FANUC, KUKA, and Motoman relieve workers from performing these tasks. Innovations in the robotics field has led to the development of industrial robots that can sort, palletizing, and package goods that differ in size and weight.
Paper / Printing Motoman, FANUC, and KUKA industrial robots perform handling and palletizing tasks even in the paper/printing industry. Boxes and cases of paper need stacked on skids and moved to different parts of a warehouse. Traditional methods of moving these boxes and cases were strenuous and physically demanding. Industrial robots do not get tired or need breaks. They move heavy pallets without issue and increase throughput and efficiency.
Pharmaceutical When it comes to the pharmaceutical industry, mistakes are not tolerated. The wrong medication can lead to severe consequences. Industrial dispensing robots manufactured by FANUC, Motoman, and KUKA help with medication dispensing in large hospital and pharmacy settings. Robotic vision also increases efficiency and accuracy by “seeing” the correct medication that needs to be dispensed or sorted.
Plastics / Rubber When it comes to manufacturing plastics and rubber, industrial robots from Motoman, FANUC, and KUKA lead the industry in quality. These robots perform injection-molding, grinding, polishing, and other industrial applications with precision and quality that exceed industry standards.
Recreational Equipment To keep costs low and quality high, many manufacturers in the recreational equipment industry turn to industrial robots from Motoman, FANUC, and KUKA to weld products, palletize cases of products, tend machines, and numerous other applications.