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ABB IRB 1400
IRB 1400 Information

The ABB IRB 1400 is fast, reliable, and affordable, making it the perfect choice for any company looking to mechanize their production lines.

The IRB 1400 S4C, with its hanging variant is ideal for a limited work place when a large work-processing area is required. The 1400 will increase productivity with its fast and reliable work cycles, long maintenance intervals and low noise levels. Less maintenance means more profits resulting from less down time.

The IRB 1400 S4C is a favorite for factory floors in need of an arc welder, material handling, and process applications. With a handling capacity of 5kg and a supplementary load on the upper arm that can handle 18kg, combined with speed and accuracy allowing for high performance operations.

As is the case with all robots, regular maintenance is important. It is also important to make sure to use the right grease and oil for the right robot axes. It is no exception with the ABB IRB 1400. This robot uses Mobilgearlube X320 oil for axes 1-4, BP Energrease LS2 for axes 5 and 6, and Optimol PD0 liquid grease for the robot's balancing unit.

RobotWorx experts also specialize in refurbishing robots, such as the used ABB IRB 1400. The used IRB 1400 is available for sale and will work like new as it has undergone RobotWorx' intense refurbishment process. Furthermore, and used robot comes with the RobotWorx Value Package.

Robot Specifications
Axes: 6
Payload: 5kg
H-Reach: 1440mm
Repeatability: ± 0.05mm
Robot Mass: 225kg
Robot Motion Speed
Axis 1 110 °/s (1.92 rad/s)
Axis 2 110 °/s (1.92 rad/s)
Axis 3 110 °/s (1.92 rad/s)
Axis 4 280 °/s (4.89 rad/s)
Axis 5 280 °/s (4.89 rad/s)
Axis 6 280 °/s (4.89 rad/s)
Robot Motion Range
Axis 1 ±340°
Axis 2 ±140°
Axis 3 ±135°
Axis 4 ±300°
Axis 5 ±230°
Axis 6 ±600°
Robot Controllers
Robotic Applications
Arc Welding
Bonding / Sealing
Laser Cutting
Machine Tending
MAG Welding
Material Handling
Shielded Metal Arc Welding