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ABB IRB 120 Educational Package
IRB 120 Educational Package Information

Education is extremely important to us.  That is why we have paired up with ABB Robotics to offer this educational workcell package.  

The ABB IRB 120 Educational configuration features an ABB IRB 120 robot arm with an IRC5 controller and teach pendant.  The robot comes equipped with configuration basics - including main computer, controller, and 1 year warranty - along with floor cables, DeviceNet, Robotware, Training Certificate SMART, and Training Gripper.  This allows you to have everything you need to begin the fundamentals of controlling and programming an industrial robot.  

For more information, please call in at 740-251-4312 or email sw@robots.com.

IRB 120 Educational Package Movies
Workcell Features
  • ABB IRB 120 Manipulator
  • IRC5 controller
  • Training Certificate SMART
  • Training Gripper
  • 3mm manipulator cable
  • FlexPendant with USB Port
  • DeviceNet Lean
  • RobotWare
  • Documentation
Workcell Specifications
Reach 5800mm
Controller IRC5
Warranty 1 year
Software DeviceNet Lean
RobotWare RobotWare Boot Package