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ABB FlexArc 1000C
FlexArc 1000C Information

Offering a complete robot workcell system that is flexible, versatile, and plug and produce, the ABB FlexArc 1000C Single Cell is ready to bring ultimate productivity to your automation line. It is a pre-enginnered cell, with an ABB IRB 2600ID or IRB 1600ID robot, that offers customers the choice between several single or multi-robot production solutions.

ABB FlexArc welding cells are suitable for both general fabrication and automotive applications.  Also, there is a super easy to use FlexPendant, requiring minimum training, that is compatible with all major welding equipment brands.  The FlexPendant provides the ability for users to run a quick check of the cell, the quality of the product, and production data.  

FlexArc 1000C Movies
Workcell Features
  • Perimeter guarding
  • Man/Machine interface
  • Welding power supply
  • Robotic welding torch
  • Metal mounting base
  • Cell door interlock device
  • Cables integrated into base of cell
  • Robotic torch cleaner/dressor
  • Index positioner
Workcell Specifications
Handling capacity 1000 kg
Repeatability +/- 0.05mm
Max Bending torque 15000 Nm
Min Interchange time 3.50s
Max Interchange time 3.70s
Standard Options Torch service center including Bullseye™, SmarTac™, Laser SmarTac™, Connected services, 3D optical tracking, RobotStudio®, WeldGuide, Secondary enabling device, Fume hood