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ABB FlexArc 300K Single Cell
FlexArc 300K Single Cell Information

The advanced ABB FlexArc 300K workcell is designed for maximum welding support and is suitable for general industry and automotive solutions.  The Flex Arc 300K features standard ABB positioners that deliver excellent stability.  The workcell provides protection against harsh production environments, keeping your workers safe while increasing production.

The ABB FlexArc 300 K can be configured with most ABB 6-axis models.  It features welding power supply, man/machine interface, robotic welding torch, robotic torch cleaner, metal mounting base, operator present sensing device, cables integrated into the base of the cell, cell door interlock device, and perimeter guarding which complies with ANSI/RIA 15.06/1999.  

If you are looking for an advanced, high quality workcell to produce results, the ABB FlexArc 300-K is an excellent choice! 

FlexArc 300K Single Cell Movies
Workcell Features
  • Perimeter guarding
  • Man/machine interface
  • Welding power supply
  • Robotic welding torch
  • Metal mounting base
  • Cell door interlock device
  • Robotic torch cleaner
  • Cables integrated into base of the cell
Workcell Specifications
Handling capacity 300kg
Cont. torque 350Nm
Max Inertia 40kgm2
Max bending torque 600Nm
Max Speed 30rpm
Min interchange time 3.1s
Repeatability +/-0.05mm