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ABB FlexArc 300R Single Robot
FlexArc 300R Single Robot Information

ABB's line of FlexArc welding workcells offer advanced arc welding environments.  The FlexArc 300R workcell featuring a single ABB IRB1600ID welding robot can boost your workflow while keeping workers safe.  

There are a variety of advantages that come along with the ABB FlexArc 300R work cell. There is a low investment cost, which is an advantage for companies with lower automation budgets. Plus, improved error handling and reduced cycle times will help your production go up and cost go down! Another advantage of the FlexArc 300 R is the graphical user interface for work cell operators. This makes the work cell more user friendly, and cuts down on the time necessary for training and setup.

All in all, the ABB FlexArc 300R is a high quality product that will enhance your production and process monitoring, while keeping costs down. For more information, call RobotWorx today at 740-251-4312.

FlexArc 300R Single Robot Movies
Workcell Features
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Workcell Specifications
Welding Power Sources According to end-user requirements
Safety Horizontal light curtains, Roll-down door, Two-hand control
Seam Finding SmarTac, WeldGuide III