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ABB FlexArc 500C Single Robot
FlexArc 500C Single Robot Information

The ABB FlexArc 500C Single Cell is a complete robot system that is flexible, versatile, and delivered ready to weld.  It is a standard, pre-engineered cell, featuring an ABB IRB 2600ID or IRB 1600ID robot.  The FlexArc 500C provides the choice between several single or multi-robot production solutions; both are designed to advance your welding process right away. 

The FlexPendant has a very easy-to-use, intuitive interface that can work with all major welding equipment brands. It provides the ability for users to check the status of the cell and quality and production data. Requiring minimum training, easy error servicing, incredible simple set up, just unwrap and go, the ABB FlexArc500C is sure to increase overall productivity. ABB FlexArc welding cells are suitable for both general fabrication and automotive applications.

FlexArc 500C Single Robot Movies
Workcell Features
  • Perimeter guarding
  • Man/Machine interface
  • Welding power supply
  • Robotic welding torch
  • Metal mounting base
  • Cell door interlock device
  • Cables integrated into base of cell
  • Robotic torch cleaner/dressor
  • Index positioner
Workcell Specifications
Handling capacity 500kg
Max Inertia 880kgm
Max Bending torque 5000Nm
Min Interchange time 3.3 seconds
Max Interchange time 4 seconds
Standard Options Torch service center including Bullseye™, SmarTac™, Laser SmarTac™, Connected services, 3D optical tracking, RobotStudio®, WeldGuide, Secondary enabling device, Fume hood