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ABB FlexArc 600K L4000 Dual
FlexArc 600K L4000 Dual Information

FlexArc 600K L4000 Dual is a re-engineered robotic welding work cell that is suitable for general fabrication and automotive application.  The workcells include a new generation ABB positioner that is robust, sturdy, and exceptional for use in harsh environments. Furthermore, the FlexArc 600K workcell from ABB offers a very flexible package; it is built on a standard pallet and it can be moved, with ease, between or within production facilities. It comes ready to weld upon delivery; all internal cables have been routed at ABB and all cell components have been mounted on a common base.

Another reason to love the FlexArc 600K is that it is easy to service from the outside of the workcell.  With the push of a button the robot will come to the service pocket inside of the safety fence while the operator can service the welding torch from the outside of the cell, saving valuable production time.  The FlexArc 600K workcell is sure to increase value on your production line, get started today!

FlexArc 600K L4000 Dual Movies
Workcell Features
  • Perimeter guarding
  • Welding Power supply
  • Robotic welding torch
  • Metal mounting base
  • Cell door interlock device
  • Robotic torch cleaner/dressor
  • Index positioner
Workcell Specifications
Robots IRB1660ID, IRB 2600ID's
Handling Capactiy 600kg
Cont. Torque 650 Nm
Max Inertia 150 kgm2
Max Bending Torque 3300 Nm
Max Speed 25 rpm
Min Interchange Time 3.50 s
Max Interchange Time 3.70 s
Repeatability +/- 0.05 mm
Max load diff 400 kg
Standard Options Torch Service Center Including BullseyeTM, SmarTacTM, Laser SmarTacTM, Connected Services, 3D Optical Tracking, Robot Studio, Virtual FlexArcTM, WeldGuide, Secondary Enabling Device, Roll-up Door, Fume Hood.