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ABB FlexArc 600R Single
FlexArc 600R Single Information

The ABB FlexArc series of robotic welding cells are flexible and versatile systems that offer cost effective solutions to companies looking to streamline their welding applications.

The ABB FlexArc 600R welding workcell comes pre-engineered with an ABB IRB2600 welding robot. This system has a 600kg payload capacity, and it has an easy "plug and produce" setup, which means your system will be intergrated and welding in no time.

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FlexArc 600R Single Movies
Workcell Features
  • Pre-engineered
  • Ready to Weld
Workcell Specifications
Robot ABB IRB 2600
Footprint 6800 x 3500 x 2200
Payload 600 kg