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ABB FlexArc 750B
FlexArc 750B Information

The ABB FlexArc 750B is a plug and produce welding workcell; pre-engineered to be incredibly intuitive and ready to weld shortly after delivery! The FlexArc 750B can use the IRB 2600ID or IRB 1600ID robot to further increase your automation quality and quantity.  The FlexArc 750 B single welding workcell features perimeter guarding, welding power supply, metal mounting base, operator present sensing device, cell door interlock, 180 degree index positioner, man/machine interface, and optional equipment.  

The FlexPendant requires very little training in order to use, and once the operator is comfortable there is a load of information available at his/her fingertips.  The FlexPendant interface provides users with important data on the quality and production of the weld while also providing an overview of the status of the cell. Furthermore, ABB FlexArc cells have robust positioners that provide excellent stability and exceptional use in harsh production environments. Advance your welding process today with a FlexArc 750B!

FlexArc 750B Movies
Workcell Features
  • Delivered to Weld
  • Features IRB 1660ID and IRB 2660ID
  • Reusable
  • Virtual Computer Format
Workcell Specifications
Handling capacity 750 kg
Min Interchange Time 3.50 s
Max Interchange Time 3.70 s
Max Load Difference 250 kg
Repeatability +/- 0.05 mm
Options Torch Service Center Incl BullsEye, SmarTac, Laser SmarTac, Connected services, 3D optical tracking, RobotStudio, Fume Hood, Thru-Arm Seam Tracking, WeldGuide, Secondary enabling device, Virtual FlexArc