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ABB FlexArc U2
FlexArc U2 Information

If you are looking for a cost-effective and compact solution for your next automated welding project, than you need to consider ABB’s new IRB 1660ID dedicated arc welding robot combined with the two-station ArcPackU2 welding solution.  It is modular solution that can be used as a building block for your specific production line's needs and cell design.  The ArcPack U2 is pre-engineered and includes cell guarding and manual bi-fold doors or automatic pneumatic doors. The design is compact, efficient, and can fit in tightly constrained workshop areas, allowing operators to easily load and unload parts. 

Furthermore, it provides maximum flexibility as the work station tables are mounted to a common base with fork pockets, allowing for significantly decrease installation and setup time.

The ArcPack U2 makes the transition from manual to robotic welding much easier as there is no need to spend valuable engineering time for custom cells; the ArcPack U2 is an incredibly flexible and versatile solution.

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Workcell Features
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Workcell Specifications
Robot IRB 1660ID
Standard Options Torch service center including Bullseye™, SmarTac™, Laser SmarTac™, Connected services, 3D optical tracking, RobotStudio®, WeldGuide, Secondary enabling device, Fume hood