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ABB Spot Welding Robots

ABB spot welding robots are some of the best in the industry. An ABB spot welding robotic system gives manufacturers the ability to weld faster, and more accurately than other manual spot welding processes. Spot welding guns are heavy and need to be adjusted every so often in manual applications, which is why models like the ABB IRB 6200 are so helpful -- they allow for more welding time and less adjustment. For more information about this and other ABB welding robots, contact a member of the RobotWorx sales team today.


Reach: 2900mm Payload: 200kg

Reach: 2550mm Payload: 225kg

Reach: 2755mm Payload: 185kg

Reach: 2200mm Payload: 150kg

Reach: 2550mm Payload: 180kg

Reach: 3200mm Payload: 130kg

Reach: 2550mm Payload: 180kg

Reach: 2750mm Payload: 205kg

Reach: 2550mm Payload: 235kg

Reach: 2800mm Payload: 485kg

Reach: 2750mm Payload: 170kg

Reach: 2550mm Payload: 200kg

Reach: 3500mm Payload: 125kg

Reach: 2550mm Payload: 500kg