Bonding / Sealing Robots

Bonding and Sealing robots can apply adhesives or sealants to almost any kind of object. They are desired due to their speed and accuracy of the application process.

Automated technologies offer single-component and double-component robot bonding and sealing for a wide array of products, markets, and end users.

Single-Component bonding and sealing is used widely to assemble component parts from as small as surface mount electrical components to appliances and automobiles.

Double-Component bonding and sealing is selected because of its fast-curing nature. This process requires meter, mix and dispense machines,manually operated adhesive dispensing machines with hand held guns, as well as fully automated dispensing machines.

Robots also reduce waste of bonding product. It can be customized to bond or seal with any type of sealing product and with specialized end-of-arm-tooling to give a perfect bond line. sells new and reconditioned robots for bonding or sealing applications from Motoman, Fanuc, KUKA, and ABB. Our Value Package includes a rigorous reconditioning and inspection process, training and full warranties with every robot purchased from

Our bonding and sealing robot systems are installed in hundreds of facilities throughout the United States. Each system is customized to match the specifications of our customers.